Review: 2016 Toyota Sienna XLE

15 December 2017, Neil Parkhi


The Toyota Sienna is a unique minivan to date. The Sienna is an affordable vehicle starting at about $28000. It is one of the best minivans on the competition with the Honda Odyssey, however, Toyota and Honda have different focuses on their cars. Toyota wants to have a more luxurious feel on the vehicles, so their vehicles are more comfortable and tuned for luxury. Honda, on the other hand, has a main focus on sport, so they are more focused on having people have a sporty feel. The Odyssey and Sienna both are seen a lot, so there is not exactly a clue on which one is better. If it was up to us, it would be the Sienna. We have been in both types of vehicles and both were great, but we felt the Sienna was more comfortable. For people who are more into a luxurious feel, get the Sienna. The Sienna has 2 passenger configurations available. 8 passengers, and 7 passengers. On the 8 passenger model seen here, there is a middle seat in the second row which is detachable and you can stow it away nicely in the trunk. The 7 passenger models do not have that. The 7 passenger models have a completely empty 2nd row middle space.


In terms of capabilities, the Sienna is quite a nice vehicle. It falls in that category of common cars for large families, Minivans. Minivans have tons of convenience features for their users and have quite good convenience for families. With that in mind, the Sienna does have really good reliability according to reviews and my own overall drive in the car. The ride comfort of the van is also really good. The Sienna also has an outstanding amount of cargo space.


Steering and Transmission
Steering Type Speed Proportional, Electric Assist, Rack and Pinion Power Steering
Transmission Type 6-Speed Automatic
Gear 1 Ratio 3.30
Gear 2 Ratio 1.90
Gear 3 Ratio 1.42
Gear 4 Ratio 1.00
Gear 5 Ratio 0.71
Gear 6 Ratio 0.61
Reverse Gear Ratio 4.15
Wheels and Tires
Front Wheel Type 17 x 7 inch 7 twin spoke alloys
Rear Wheel Type 17 x 7 inch 7 twin spoke alloys
Front Tire Type 235/60R17
Rear Tire Type 235/60R17
Front Suspension Type Independent MacPherson Strut
Rear Suspension Type Independent Semi Torsion Beam
Suspension Features Stabilizer Bars, Coil Springs, Gas Pressurised Shock Absorbers
Length (in, mm) 200.2in, 5085mm
Width (in, mm) 78.1in, 1984mm
Height (in, mm) 70.7in, 1796mm
Wheelbase (in, mm) 119.3in, 3030mm
Weight (lb, kg) 4465lb, 2025kg
Engine Specifications
Engine Type 3.5 litre 24 valve V6
Power (bhp, PS, kW) 266bhp, 270PS, 198kW @ 6200RPM
Torque (lb-ft, Nm) 245lb-ft, 332Nm @ 4700RPM
0-60 mph (0-97 kmph) 8.1 seconds
Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
Fuel Tank Size (gal, L) 20 gallons, 76L
Fuel Type (AKI, RON) 87 Octane/AKI Petrol (92 RON)
City Fuel Economy (mpg, kmpL) 18mpg, 8kmpL
Highway Fuel Economy (mpg, kmpL) 25mpg, 11kmpL
Cargo Specifications
Cargo Space (ft3, L) 39.1ft3, 1107L
Cargo Space with 3rd Row Seats Folded (ft3, L) 87.1ft3, 2446L
Max. Cargo Space (ft3, L) 150ft3, 4248L
Price Range
U.S. Dollars $35,410
Canadian Dollars $44,957