About Us

About X Rides Cars

X Rides Cars was started back in 2016 by Neil Parkhi who is passionate about cars. X Rides Cars provides detailed information about cars in general.

Every article or video is focused on a single car itself. Not anything else. The article or video can provide information which otherwise you can only find going to a car dealer yourself, or you may want to just understand your dream car as well. Some videos even provide drive footage to understand the feel of driving a car.

Please do note however before actually buying it is important to take a test drive of a car yourself because it is important to look closer to quality and reliability of the car.

X Rides Cars is a multinational business so that means we have the strive to offer review services to countries all over the world. Currently we offer car reviews in the United States, Canada, and India. We do plan on expanding further to the United Kingdom, European Union, Japan, as well as South Korea.

Our Team

Neil Parkhi

Founder and CEO, X Rides Cars Global

Neil is the founder of X Rides Cars. He initially had a car passion as he currently is making the videos. He is the video recorder, editor, and producer of all videos and articles made.